The TEMA Foundation provides for educational opportunities in the energy management field. Energy management is focused on the proactive and systematic monitoring, control, and optimization of an organization's energy consumption to conserve use and decrease energy costs. The TEMA Foundation supports this work by funding educational programming and curriculum. In its efforts, the TEMA Foundation will accept donations, will identify certain Association educational activities, and will distribute and monitor funds for those specific activities. This will provide for energy management educational opportunities at conferences, enhanced training courses and certifications, and additional research distributed to the public. All of its efforts will be focused on this tax-exempt charitable and educational work.

Mission & Priorities


We enable the professional advancement of energy managers and related fields.


•Improve the quality of educational opportunities offered through TEMA,

•Increase the quantity and enhance the types of educational opportunities offered through TEMA,

•Enable the development of supplemental resources offered through TEMA,

•Support additional research and any means of disbursement to share findings gathered and disseminated through TEMA, and

•Provide scholarships to TEMA members for TEMA courses, certifications, and educational events.

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